Information Security and Privacy Policy

xMatters is committed to implementing and maintaining compliance with ISO Information Security standards and required privacy regulations, and to continually improve its information security and best practices. 

xMatters commits to:

  • Meeting the expectations of its customers and relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Deploying the most appropriate technology and infrastructure.
  • Complying with legal requirements to deliver high-standard services.
  • Ensuring that all employees follow the company’s policies and procedures and manage risks appropriately.
  • Protecting customer data and xMatters’ information, intellectual property, people and activities against loss, damage, disruption or unauthorized access and disclosure.
  • Implementing and maintaining security policies and procedures to meet the ISO 27001, 27701 requirements and any other compliance standards that xMatters follows.
  • Implementing an Information Security and Privacy Management System and ensuring that it is continually improved and supported with the resources necessary to achieve the commitments in this policy statement.
  • Being transparent by communicating breaches and information sharing guidelines to aid investigations and forensics.
  • xMatters will achieve its objectives by investing time and resources in its infrastructure technology, staff skills, processes, and policies.


Organizational Security

Check below some of the controls in place at xMatters.