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Boosting business continuity with our incident management solutions

Guide your emergency response with structured communications to employees, suppliers, executive leadership, and stakeholders. Build adaptive workflows that keep people safe after natural disasters, security breaches, or technology failures.

Stay resilient, reliable, & reachable

Gain situational awareness and bring control to chaos in times of crisis:

  • Target specialists and distribute the support burden
  • Use communication templates to reach responders and stakeholders
  • Leverage one-click responses across devices for fast action
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Mitigate risk

Automated communication templates give you peace of mind that everything is covered when the stakes are high.

Act immediately

Give everyone the tools they need to respond to emergencies as quickly and safely as possible.

Keep everyone informed

Triage crises and share updates from your xMatters dashboard on any device.

When an emergency strikes, don't miss a beat

Create business continuity management workflows that automatically send targeted notifications and engage the right teams when an incident occurs:

  • Start chat rooms, conference calls, and status updates
  • Keep stakeholders informed with frequent situation updates
  • Provide guided, step-by-step actions to personnel
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Tools for fast, structured responses

Use templates to quickly build emergency response workflows—then customize with no-code steps.

Response templates

Add situation-specific responses to your workflows such as alerting team members, sending company-wide messages, and contacting emergency responders.

One-click actions

Give your team the power to kick off conference calls, escalations, and other workflows with one-click triggers they can activate directly from notifications.

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Powerful mobile app

Send enriched notifications, respond from any device, and keep stakeholders informed no matter where they are.

Multilingual messaging

Language barriers shouldn’t become a risk during a disaster. The xMatters platform saves time and prevents miscommunication with configurations for 43 languages and automatic translation between responses.

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Enterprise-scale infrastructure

Trust in your ability to communicate across the globe during an emergency. xMatters’ secure, redundant, high-performance infrastructure means your communication tools have no single point of failure. We offer an SLA uptime guarantee of 99.95%.