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Elevate your operations with our efficient incident management software

xMatters service reliability platform aligns DevOps, SREs, and operations teams around efficient, automated workflows to rapidly deliver reliable products at scale. 

Workflow automation

xMatters automates processes to ensure infrastructure and applications are reliable. Proactively manage issues associated with new releases and reduce the risk of incidents impacting your customers with connected, collaborative workflows for every team.

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Code-free workflow builder

Whether engaging your on-call team or preventing a service interruption, xMatters automates each resolution step.

Ready-made integrations

Connect to modern DevOps tools like Jenkins, Prometheus, and Jira with hundreds of pre-built integrations on xMatters.

Flexible API

Build custom connections to any system your business relies on and share them with other team members—whether in the cloud or on-prem.

Adaptive incident management

xMatters drastically lowers the business impact of service issues and major incidents. Collaborate across teams, reduce response time, and resolve incidents before they affect your customers, your public image, or employee morale.

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Collaborative response

Teams can scale up or down based on changing conditions to efficiently manage and resolve incidents of all sizes and severities.

Automated resolution workflows

Automate key incident tasks with our code-free workflow builder. Start with templates and adapt with customized components.

Facilitate continuous improvement

Review comprehensive incident data to drive learning—while preventing recurrences.

Signal intelligence

xMatters cuts through the noise to focus your team on the signals that matter. Correlate and suppress redundant alerts, provide full-context notifications, and set thresholds for who gets notified when.

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Control alert floods

Filter and correlate alerts to block noise, reduce storms with flood control, and group your notifications by issue across multiple tools.

Target intelligently

Reach the right people with skill-based and availability routing. Choose one-click responses like “Post to Slack” or “Initiate P1 Bridge”.

Set thresholds

Set prioritization thresholds that trigger custom workflows and send notifications based on your criteria for event volume, system, timing, and alert type.

Actionable analytics

Whether you want the high-level takeaway or play-by-play details, dig into insightful data and powerful reporting to improve your performance:

  • Detailed Post-Incident Reports
  • Instant replays on the xMatters event timeline
  • Real-time visibility into service-level indicators
  • User and team performance metrics
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Enterprise-ready platform

xMatters' globally available and secure cloud infrastructure supports teams of limitless size.

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Strong security & privacy

xMatters implements an ISO 27001 certified security program and risk management based on NIST standards.

Scalable architecture

Our enterprise-grade global cloud architecture and robust, redundant data infrastructure grows with your teams.

Hybrid interoperability

xMatters integrates with cloud and on-prem systems to address incidents wherever they occur—even behind your firewall.

Role-based permissions

Custom user roles let you easily control access to platform features and data, and to confer appropriate authority.

Our customers have tens of thousands of users across the globe

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