Hate Surprises? Gain Single Pane Visibility Across Your Business

Visibility Is Power

Whether it's a customer-facing incident, digital service downtime, or unmanaged responses to critical issues, xMatters provides the insights and visibility—at microscope depth and telescope breadth—to gain a complete line of sight across your business.

  • Proactive Response
    Prevent and reduce incident impact
  • Complete Visibility
    Understand how teams work together to resolve issues
  • Improve Operations
    Make informed decisions to optimize resolution processes

Incident Timeline

Gain ‘play-by-play’ visibility into event progression and valuable information for post-mortem analysis to improve resolution processes. Monitor team performance when fixing issues to gauge who needs coaching.

  • Notification Deliveries
    Understand how you connected with resolvers by pinpointing when and how recipients were notified, and whether notifications were successfully delivered
  • Response Monitoring
    Assess how team members impacted issue resolution by gauging recipient response details and contribution scores
  • Contextual Insights
    Review information around troubleshooting details and resolution steps to paint a complete picture around an issue, reinforcing best practices and correcting missteps

Time Machine

Use xMatters Time Machine like instant replay for incident management. See what tactics and strategies your teams used to handle incidents—learn what worked… and what really didn’t.

  • On-Call Schedules
    Get line-of-sight into team members who were on-call during a specific moment to understand how well they handled incident response
  • Communication Plan State
    Correlate an incident state with a step in your designed resolution process to ensure fixes have their desired effect
  • User Devices
    Review the devices targeted during incidents and adjust user profiles if communication attempts aren’t engaging users

Real-Time Event Visibility

When you have issues requiring rapid coordination among team members, you need to have up-to-the-second information about your key service level indicators. Whether you’re tracking team member engagement or the latest shared idea on how to resolve, xMatters gives you a real-time view of what’s happening.

  • Communications Center
    Gain situational awareness with a unified view across your infrastructure, service desk, application performance, and more
  • User Delivery
    After you've requested help from IT, DevOps or another team, you can quickly assess whether you've engaged enough people by reviewing targeted users, deliveries, and responses
  • Reporting Engine Integrations
    Measure and make decisions from your xMatters data directly within the service desk external reporting systems you already use
Incident response report

Team Performance

Gain a broad perspective on team performance and drill into user performance to assess contribution and improvement areas. Measuring team and individual resolution performance can be tough, but xMatters has it figured out with defined structure and measurement points established throughout collaboration processes.
Responses icon
Response Engagement

Understand if team members are processing or ignoring issues by assessing the percentage of notifications they responded to

Time to Respond icon
Time to Respond

Improve MTTR by measuring the maximum and average time it takes users or groups to respond to an event

Response Value

Measure the quality of a user's response by assigning scores to response types based on how they impact the resolution process, such as defining an escalation to someone else as a negative response when action is required

Collaborative icon
Conference Call Assessment

Bring structure to conference calls by managing the timeliness and attendance of your team members through conference history reports

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