Modern Incident Response & Management

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IT Event Management

‘Noise Cancelling Headphones’ To Stay Focused On What Matters

  • Filtering and Suppression
    Eliminate repetitive information when you have problems to solve
  • Alert Correlation
    Group alerts around the same issue together, focus on problems instead of noise
  • Enriched Notifications
    Consolidate information across multiple tools to see the complete picture
  • Context-Based Routing
    Empower stakeholders to opt-in to information they care about
  • Prioritization
    Automate the perfect response by understanding the level of severity and impact
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Integration Platform

Your Foundation For Orchestrated Resolution

  • Orchestrated Toolchains
    Relay data between systems while engaging the right people to resolve faster
  • Hybrid Cloud Support
    Manage resolution processes that span on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud systems
  • Integration Builder
    Transform work with open API’s that connect modern and legacy systems
  • Built-In Integrations
    Quickly connect to popular monitoring, ChatOps, and issue tracking tools with clicks instead of code
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Smart Notifications

Our Notifications Have PhDs In Situational Awareness

  • Resolution Actions
    Eliminate manual work and advance workflow with custom actions that align systems
  • Situational Context
    Pull in relevant data from different tools with unique insights to form a 360-degree view
  • Stakeholder Alignment
    Automatically update stakeholders so you can focus on the task at hand
  • Major Incident Coordination
    Minimize downtime with powerful automation tools during critical situations
  • Conference Call Engagement
    Rally resolvers into a conference bridge at a moment’s notice
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On-Call Management

On-Call Management That’s Simple, Automated, & Self-Maintaining

  • Coverage & Scheduling Calendar
    Ensure team members have your company's back when problems arise
  • Escalations
    Make sure that no issue slips through the cracks while managing the load on your personnel
  • User Self-Service
    Empower your team to schedule temporary replacements and answer shift questions
  • Data Synchronization
    Pull real-time information across your management systems so you can connect with people who can help
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Workflow & Process Automation

Obliterate Bottlenecks & Drive Efficiency By Automating Complex Workflow

  • Orchestrated Toolchain Resolution
    Connect data, people, and tools to fix problems faster
  • Structured Communication Plans
    Make collaboration an accelerator for any resolution process by architecting workflow
  • Scenario Management
    Use best practices to resolve issues, while customizing as needed to account for specifics
  • Post-Mortem Analysis
    Turn rinse and repeat into analyze and improve—apply learnings to future situations
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Gain Single Pane Visibility Across Your Business

  • Incident Timeline
    Gain play-by-play visibility for real-time understanding and post-mortem analysis
  • Time Machine
    Learn what worked and what didn’t by going back in time—instant replay for incident management
  • Real-Time Event Visibility
    Gain up-to-the-second information about your key service level indicators
  • Team Performance
    Assess contribution and improvement areas through team-wide or user analysis
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Enterprise Grade Architecture

Scalability, Reliability, & Security—We Nail The Tough Stuff Too

  • Data Security & Reliability
    Ensure compliance with privacy, risk management, and security standards
  • Globally Distributed Cloud Infrastructure
    Future-proof execution at the levels of performance your enterprise requires
  • Hybrid Environment Interoperability
    Secure, scalable management of data behind the firewall alongside cloud systems
  • Role-Based Access & Administration
    Control the information and access levels for each of your users and groups
  • Scalable Group Management
    Support teams of limitless size with scalable user data processing and management
  • Uptime Guarantees
    Enterprise SLA of 99.95%, phone/email/online support provided 24-7, all year
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Use Case: Business Continuity Management
xMatters allows us to effectively communicate outages and high profile events to our internal teams, business partners and senior leadership.
Matt Kelley
Sr. Manager Network Operations
In our transition to a DevOps organization, xMatters has been integral in ensuring our developers and operations teams can address complex incident management scenarios in a more consistent, scalable and efficient manner, enabling us to provide a better overall customer experience.

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