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Optimize incident response with our intelligent IT alerting software

Act faster and smarter by filtering alerts, suppressing redundant notifications, and routing issues to team members with relevant context.

Cut through the noise

xMatters blocks redundant alerts so you can focus on fixing issues fast. Adjust your thresholds for what triggers notifications, how urgent each event is, and who gets notified.

Triage issues efficiently

Set rules to kick off notifications, create automated responses for priority levels, and target alerts by team or role.

Streamline alerts

Use filtering and suppression settings to block false alarms so that only true signals find you.

Loop in the right people

Send targeted alerts based on skillset, schedule, role, and location. Act quickly with one-click responses.

Automatic event correlation

xMatters automatically correlates alerts related to the same issue and consolidates them, making it easier to see how many issues are open at once and to focus on a quick resolution.

Enriched notifications

xMatters consolidates important information from across your tools into smart notifications that give you the complete context in one place.

Understand the scope of each issue so you can get to resolution faster.

Simple stakeholder alignment

Not on call but still need to know what’s happening? Opt in to notifications and reporting to stay on top of any future issue that meets your criteria.

Reduce Alert Overload

Principal Financial Group was being deluged by its monitoring tools, diverting focus and delaying action. Principal used xMatters to master its alerts by automating flow through stakeholder subscriptions.

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