IT Event Management

‘Noise Cancelling Headphones’ To Stay Focused On What Matters

Cut Through The Noise

Getting crushed by too many alerts? Your monitoring systems can be the cause, especially when there’s a critical problem blowing up. xMatters helps you understand the situation and blocks redundant noise so you have the clarity, focus, and resolution path to fix issues fast.

Filtering & Suppression

When big problems strike, the resulting event storms bog down resources and prevent them from addressing the situation. xMatters blocks unnecessary noise so you can focus on solving problems instead of silencing alarms.

Event Correlation

Within a microservices architecture, the tools monitoring your app generate data that dwarfs the data inside your app. Multiple alerts are focused on the same issue, making it difficult to figure out how many problems you actually have to solve. xMatters IT event management correlates alerts relating to the same issue so you understand what needs fixing, allowing you to focus on problems instead of symptoms.

Visualize Event Traffic

More of a visual learner? See event activity in full-blown technicolor right from your dashboard. Understand where event spikes are coming from in real-time and use trends to drive continuous improvement to the operations behind your digital services.

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Visualize Event Traffic

Context-Based Routing

No matter who’s on-call, stakeholders want to be kept in the loop for issues they care about. For example, your infrastructure manager might want to receive an email every time a problematic server goes down. xMatters IT event management empowers users to opt in to the type of information they care about, while managing the flow of information to deliver on their requests.
User Control icon
User Control

Minimize the user-management burden by letting users opt in or out of subscriptions using a self-service interface

Executive FYI icon
Executive FYIs

Automatically align executives by sending messages in business-friendly language—and keep your resolvers focused on fixing

Resolution Actions

For users who want to opt in and help resolve, notifications include actionable responses to move workflow forward

Enriched Notifications

When it comes to complex issues, multiple tools in your technology stack contain pieces of data that you need to put together the problem puzzle. xMatters consolidates information across multiple tools to give you the complete picture you need to address any situation. Automate information gathering, maximize the value of your data, and accelerate resolution.


It’s 2AM and your monitoring system has detected a slow SQL query. Do you need to be woken up? xMatters allows you to prioritize alerts so YOU decide what's critical—and what can wait until morning.
Automated Triggers

Kick off notifications based on predefined priority thresholds so that you're only notifying when something's actually wrong

Scalable Management

Establish automated responses for priority types to accelerate resolution, like starting a conference call for high-priority events

Intelligent Targeting

Connect with the right team members for any situation based on skill sets, roles, locations, and on-call schedules

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