Business Continuity Policy Statement

To meet the availability objectives and ensure continuity of its operations, xMatters management system has been inspected and certified against ISO 22301. xMatters is committed to adopt, follow, and continually improve documented and tested plans and procedures, build redundancy in teams and infrastructure and manage a quick and efficient transition to the backup arrangement for business systems and services. Business Continuity Management (BCM) Policy reiterates the commitment of xMatters top management towards delivering the high availability and quality of services based in industry best practices ensuring that the customers, business activities and services are not negatively impacted.

xMatters commits to: 

  • Achieving the expectations of its customers and relevant regulatory authorities. 
  • Deploying the most appropriate technology and infrastructure.
  • Understanding customer needs and legal requirements to deliver high standard services. 
  • Making sure all employees follow the company’s policies, and procedures, and managing risks associated to authorized insiders. 
  • Implementing and maintaining policies and procedures to meet the ISO 22301.
  • Implementing a BCMS and ensuring that it is continually improved and supported with the necessary resources required to achieve the commitments written in this policy statement.
  • Being transparent by communicating outages.

xMatters will achieve its objectives by investing time and resources in its infrastructure technology, staff skills, processes, and policies.  

For more information about xMatters business continuity, disaster recovery plans, and recovery times, download xMatters Business Continuity FAQ.
xMatters Business Continuity FAQ

Datacenter Disaster Recovery Process

xMatters operates in three global economic areas (North America , Europe-Middle East-Africa, Asia Pacific-Japan) residing in two GCP data centers in each region.

The data centers are paired in each region to provide fault tolerance and redundancy at the data center level of operations. Client data is backed up between two data centers within the same economic region, with one data center providing services and the second data center providing standby services, in the event the primary site becomes unavailable. Should a single data center within an economic region become completely unavailable, all services will be transferred to the secondary data center .

Recovery Time Objective & Recovery Point Objective

For contracted purposes, xMatters Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is 30 minutes for business process and support activities recovery.

xMatters Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 24 hours for contracted purposes based on client data in the Cloud Based Software as a Services (SaaS) instance undergoing full backup once per 24 hours.