xMatters has released an official statement and workshops to help customers navigate through COVID-19

xMatters Official Statement: COVID-19

April 13th, 2020.

In January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an outbreak of a new coronavirus – known as COVID-19. This virus has now spread around the globe, and sadly resulted in human deaths across the world. (Source)

Governments and organizations, including xMatters, must be prepared to take appropriate measures to minimize the spread and impact of this outbreak.

xMatters is closely monitoring the situation and has plans in place to mitigate any negative effects.

WFH Risk Analysis 

As of March 17th, 2020, all xMatters offices are closed and all employees are working remotely, from their homes.  

xMatters Information assurance team has conducted a detailed Risk Analysis based on the working from home scenario that could possibly be extended for a longer period of time. All the necessary arrangements and controls have been deployed for a secure WFH set up and we are ready to consistently deliver our services with the same quality. 

Critical suppliers

We have identified all essential suppliers and service providers, and we have assessed them with the objective to evaluate their continuity and preparedness plans. We have been monitoring and working closely with these essential suppliers and they guarantee not to expect delays and disruption in their services. 

xMatters operates in three global economic areas (North America, Europe-Middle East-Africa, Asia Pacific-Japan), residing in two GCP (Google Cloud Platform) data centers in each region. We periodically conduct thorough failover tests as part of our routine preparedness exercises, which help us be ready for any emergency. 

Technical Support and Operations

Based on our Business Impact Analysis, we have also identified our critical business functions, prepared and implemented a Continuity Plan applied to roles based on criticality. Based on the current set up and service analysis, we do not predict any impact or delays that might affect clients. 

Operations and Technical Support professionals are physically segregated to avoid the risk of infection between team members. Other business functions can temporarily support these teams, if necessary, since cross-training is already in place to ensure critical functions continue with minimal disruptions. 

All xMatters employees

  • Our employees have remote work access configured and are completely functional from remote locations.
  • We are actively monitoring global cases and impacts confirmed by WHO.
  • We are actively following guidelines dictated by local public health departments in all areas where our employees are located.
  • All employees have been made aware of travel restrictions.
  • All employees have been moved to a 100% work from home policy until local restrictions have been lifted and the necessary technical and administrative safeguards are in place for optimized confidentiality and security.
  • Employees have been briefed that they seek medical attention if:
    • COVID-19 spreads to their immediate community
    • They feel sick and/or exhibit any of the COVID-19 symptoms (even if they have a mild cough or low-grade fever of 37.3C or more)

xMatters offices

As of March 17th, 2020, all xMatters offices are closed and all employees are working remotely, from their homes.

xMatters is constantly checking updates from both local public health officials and the WHO regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve tested emergency notifications with our very own xMatters application to make sure we can inform and update our employees as needed. 

As this is a developing situation, xMatters will keep updating this information as needed. 

For more information, contact security@xmatters.com