Transform Operational Effectiveness with Enterprise DevOps

Use The Right Tool At The Right Time To Move Processes Forward

Enterprises are typically overwhelmed with incredible volumes of alerts that lack context and are not easily correlated across their technology stacks and silos. It can be incredibly challenging for large enterprises to detect and resolve incidents across multiple environments.

When enterprises do detect challenges, communicating and acting efficiently through the right tools can be a daunting proposition. IT teams can provide real value if they collaborate and use agile methods for enterprise DevOps to move workflows forward effectively. What if you could make every notification intelligent and actionable while maximizing value out of your IT solutions? Companies create tool chains to maintain agility and drive critical processes forward.

One fictitious company navigates an issue using Moogsoft and xMatters to automate processes, using the right tool at the right time to move processes forward and resolve issues quickly and easily.

Meet the Speakers:


Richard Whitehead
Chief Evangelist,


Mark Gabbard
Director of Product Marketing,