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Flow Designer: No Code Incident Workflows

What if you could automate incident management workflows?

With so many tools and teams involved in delivering digital services, when something goes wrong, aligning resources to fix problems can be challenging and chaotic.

In competitive markets, businesses can’t afford service disruptions.

But what if you could automate incident management workflows to streamline complexity and reduce mean time to resolution—all without a single line of code?

Flow Designer by xMatters is a stunningly simple visual workflow builder that’s as easy as drag, drop, and done.

Now it’s faster than ever to connect xMatters with your DevOps and IT applications to orchestrate fully automated toolchains and quickly resolve issues across your business.

Workflows align resources for a proactive and consistent approach to incident management.

Flow Designer’s built-in steps make it easy to create virtually any workflow—just drop in steps to synchronize systems and guide your team through incident resolution.

When a high-priority alert is flagged, xMatters follows the flows you designed to kick off a major incident by raising an issue, creating a ticket in your service desk, posting progress updates to a public page, and alerting key team members while creating spaces for them to collaborate, track and resolve the incident.

And, when you need to tailor your workflows for specific or complex use cases, it’s simple to create custom steps to meet your team’s needs.

Flow Designer drives Greater consistency, Faster resolution, and a tightly coordinated response, facilitated across tools, teams, and time zones.

Revolutionize the way you integrate, synchronize, and automate toolchains with Flow Designer.

Get started today.