Webinar: Major Incident Management Trends

How Do You Stack Up Against Your Peers?

Join David Gehringer, Principal at Dimensional Research & Mark Gabbard, Product Marketing Director at xMatters as they reveal the results of the 2016 Major Incident Management Trends Survey. 

Check out the webinar to discover how your organization stacks up against your peers and learn best-in-class strategies to resolve major incidents fast.
Presenters will discuss results such as:

  • 64% of companies have target resolution times
  • 75% frequently miss those target resolution times
  • Only 52% of companies have major incident teams
  • 87% say that executives must be informed during major incidents
  • 76% of business stakeholders are tolerant that major incidents are an unavoidable fact of business


Meet the Speakers:


David Gehringer
Dimensional Research


Mark Gabbard
Product Marketing Director,