Use Integration and Automation for More Responsive IT

Rapid Incident Response & Proactive Service Management

The velocity and complexity of modern business is placing greater pressure on IT teams to accelerate deployment schedules, deliver with more velocity and provide seamless service to the business.

These pressures require teams to collaborate and communicate in an entirely new manner—across silos, organizations, geographies and tools.

The complex ecosystem of teams and tools needs to be integrated so that toolsets communicate effectively with each other, bringing together decision points to drive productivity.

Mastering this domain is critical to business success; you must ensure your team can deliver proactive service to your business and respond at lightning speed to major issues.

During this on-demand webinar, featuring guest speakers from Forrester, you will learn how to pursue efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and agility with a 3-level strategy of:

  • Notification. Improve human to human interaction by focusing on timely communication to team members with the relevant skills
  • Insight. How well do your tools help you make the right decisions quickly? Getting actionable insight from a complex environment becomes crucial during a major incident.
  • Integration. Do you have a plan for integrating and scaling tools? There are many tools in your organization, and more are coming! How do you leverage their data to provide insight and collect root cause information?


Meet the Speakers:

elinor-klavens-175x175.png rob-stroud-175x175.png Webinar-Abbas-Ali-119x119.png
Elinor Klavens
Researcher at Forrester
Rob Stroud
Principal Analyst at Forrester
Abbas Haider Ali
CTO at xMatters