Optimizing Internal Communications with DevOps

Webinar Case Study Featuring ViaSat

ViaSat—a global provider of satellite and wireless communications—securely connects businesses, governments, and military organizations to the Internet.

Watch the webinar replay and discover how Chris Crocco, ViaSat’s Network Solutions Engineer, managed the implementation and integration of xMatters into a complex IT ecosystem and drove the company’s transition from a traditional network support model to a DevOps-centric model of incident communications.

You will learn:

  • Why ViaSat is transitioning to a DevOps-centric network operation (and how they’re doing it)
  • How to increase accountability with other agile teams
  • How to automate tasks and connection points between your existing tools and those you need for the future
  • How to build an interconnected toolchain spanning log management, issue tracking, and collaboration tools
  • And more!

Meet the Speakers:

Chris Crocco photo Abbas Haider Ali photo
Chris Crocco
Network Solutions Engineer,
Abbas Haider Ali