Are Your Automated IT Alerts Being Ignored?

Eliminate Alert Fatigue Through Intelligent Communications

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

As an IT leader, you know that reacting to an unending influx of alerts takes up your engineers’ valuable time and resources, costs money, and prevents your IT department from playing a strategic role in your company’s success.

Read this guide and learn what you can do right now to stop alert fatigue so you can focus on addressing your real business needs.

Learn how to:

  • Plan: Put action plans and processes in place for any scenario so you’re always prepared
  • Target: Target your alerts and notifications by matching the incident to the right people at exactly the right time
  • Be Mobile: Enable message recipients to choose their preferred devices, from smart phones and tablets to pagers
  • Measure: Analyze metrics such as mean time to acknowledge, dispatch and resolve to continuously improve your alert plans
  • And much more…