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xMatters Free Infographic

We realize incidents can happen across teams – and each team has its own process and tools to fix them. That’s why we created a platform that ties these things together and leverages automation. But sometimes you need a solution – and you don’t have time to wait for another team to build it out for you.That’s why we put incident prevention in the hands of small teams. View the xMatters Free infographic to learn more about the advantages of xMatters for small teams!

Meet xMatters Free
Your team can own their incident management end-to-end, free for up to 10 users, and customize to meet your every need. Using a different monitoring system than the other teams? No problem. Have escalation rules unique to your group? With xMatters Free, you get everything you need to proactively detect and fix issues the minute they arise.

View the xMatters Free Infographic!