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Cox Auto Reduces MTTR for Major Incidents

Cox Automotive’s Senior Director of Technology Leslie Rowe discusses implementing xMatters across 30 acquisitions. Hear the essential best practices Cox leverages to successfully integrate new businesses and minimize disruptions. By optimizing communication and remediation processes, Cox Automotive significantly limited the number Sev 1 and 2 incidents, reduced MTTR for major incidents by 70%, and streamlined critical operations. 

xMatters gives them senior leadership and others at Cox Automotive unprecedented visibility across the entire enterprise. Cox Automotive sells more than 400 different software products. For the first time, with xMatters, leadership gained visibility into system issues, which product line they’re coming from, the timing for mediation, and the impact to customers.

As a direct result, Cox Automotive is making better decisions once they see the status and MTTR of major incidents. They have this enterprise-wide view of where they need to go and what products need more attention.

Leslie says xMatters has given her organization the ability to really integrate with their ServiceNow groups and support teams to build those out and port them automatically to xMatters communications, and then have that common template that is displayed as one entire brand.

One thing that Cox Automotive does well, she says, build an integration in with Slack channels. Now Cox Automotive has a single click to get on a bridge very quickly and a single click to get into Slack. Add a single click to book a ticket in ServiceNow and integrate everything. Cox Automotive no longer has to manually record the history of an incident in all of those tools because it happens automatically. That, along with reducing MTTR for major incidents, has been a gift to Leslie’s staff and to all the recipients of their messaging.