StatusPage Integration Provides Transparency to Customers and Employees

Dan Goldberg ON Mar 01, 2017

Things can get crazy during issue resolution. Transparency is key to aiding your resolution teams and updating your customers. Unless stakeholders know you’re actively working to solve the issue at hand, customers will likely lose trust and internal teams may be in the dark.

So keeping customers up to date is crucial for good customer relations and for limiting inbound inquiries. But let’s be honest – that’s a lot of task management that nobody has time for while under incident resolution pressure. And it can be disruptive to have executives asking for status updates, too. Fortunately, the xMatters integration with StatusPage enables automated real-time updates your customers and employees can see for themselves.

Status Basics
StatusPage is a status communication platform that keeps your customers and employees informed during incidents, downtime, and scheduled maintenance. When you integrate it with xMatters, any xMatters alert can automatically push real-time status and message updates to a public or private StatusPage, saving critical resolution time.

Integrating xMatters across your monitoring and service management tools allows you to update your StatusPage no matter which tool the incident originated from. Push updates to StatusPage via a service management ticket, chat tool, directly from an xMatters alert, or a host of other tools.

Respond with Create StatusPage Incident or Update StatusPage incident with comment

Respond with Create StatusPage Incident or Update StatusPage incident with comment

This automation brings benefits for several business areas.

  • DevOps: Have stakeholders opt into specific status updates for granular details so everyone stays on the same page.
  • Support: Customers will learn quickly to watch your StatusPage during issues, ultimately reducing the number of support tickets/calls that come in during downtime.
  • Executives: Stay current on issues without interfering.

When you eliminate the need for manual updates to your StatusPage, you allow your team to resolve incidents and stop wasting time on manual tasks. Learn more about the xMatters integration with StatusPage.