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Statuspage Integration

Statuspage delivers a status and incident communication platform that keeps customers and employees informed during system downtime. Combined with xMatters, this integration saves critical resolution time by automatically pushing real time status and message updates to both public and private Statuspages directly from an xMatters alert.


Automate handoffs across your toolchain

Integrating xMatters across your monitoring and service management tools allows you to take action and update your Statuspage directly from any alert no matter which tool the incident originated from. Automatically push the latest updates to your StatusPage via a service management ticket, chat tool or by taking action directly from an xMatters alert. xMatters eliminates the need for manual updates to your Statuspage allowing your team to get back to resolving incidents instead of worrying about keeping stakeholders aligned.

  • Update or resolve incidents on Statuspage from any tool
  • Generate tickets in a service management tool and automatically update Statuspage
  • Invite people across multiple teams to a conference call
  • Initiate a targeted chat room via Slack, HipChat or Hubot
  • Record chat room activity back into a service management ticket