Don’t Let an Outage Bust Your Bottom Line

Best Practices For IT Alerting and Incident Management

Even a minor outage can be disruptive. A serious outage can be devastating to a business. The faster it can be remediated, the better off the organization will be. Rapid, effective incident response involves alerting the right people with relevant, actionable information as well as keeping other stakeholders up to date.

The stakes can be high. If you don’t notify the right people, the problem may take longer to resolve than it should and an incident can turn into a disaster. On the other hand, even when the stakes are low excessive alerting and follow-up will waste everyone’s time, taking a toll on your efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line.

Read IT Central Station’s new PeerPaper Report, Best Practices For IT Alerting and Incident Management, to learn how an IT Management solution like xMatters can help you:

  • Streamline the required processes of collaboration and communication
  • Gain efficiency and cut response times by chaining existing tools together
  • Reduce the business impact of an outage or security incident

Get the report now!

Get the report now!