Microsoft Azure DevOps Pipelines Integration

Microsoft Azure Pipelines is a DevOps service that allows teams to build, test, and deploy code projects and make them available to any user. Combined with xMatters, Azure Pipelines helps teams achieve continuous integration and deployment of project code to, from, and between on-premise and Azure cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Pipelines + xMatters

This integration can trigger a flow in xMatters when an Azure pipeline starts or completes, or when a release gate is updated. You can also configure xMatters to automatically start a pipeline when an event occurs; for example, a user's response to a notification triggers an Azure pipeline that restarts a service.


xMatters increases your DevOps team’s efficiency with Microsoft Azure Pipelines by:

  • Starting an Azure pipeline to scale, restart, or rollback a service automatically or from notification response
  • Sending release approval notifications through xMatters to leverage on-call resources, escalations, and multiple communication channels
  • Sending build or release gate tasks to xMatters to gather stakeholder approvals or notify the team of pipeline status and report back to Azure Pipelines

Build Your Toolchain

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