Microsoft Azure Monitor Integration

Microsoft Azure Monitor collects and analyzes critical event data to maximize the performance and uptime of your digital services in Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure Monitor + xMatters

Combined with xMatters, the Azure Monitor integration monitors on-premise and cloud-based environments and turns critical event data into actionable notifications for on-call responders to tackle any issues that occur. This integration triggers a flow when an Azure monitoring alert sends a signal to xMatters. You can customize the flow to perform automated incident resolution tasks such as running remediation steps or sending actionable notifications to on-call resources.


xMatters increases your team’s efficiency with Microsoft Azure Monitor by:

  • Creating alerts enriched with data from Azure Monitor and your other tools to give teams full context for any incident
  • Relaying only the most critical data to bring in the correct stakeholders and blocking redundant information for faster incident resolution
  • Providing notifications with customizable one-touch responses backed by automation workflows
  • Automating manual tasks like initiating incidents, starting ChatOps channels, or running operational updates

Build Your Toolchain

Enhance your incident response by adding more tools into your Microsoft Azure Monitor workflow…