Microsoft Azure Boards Integration

Microsoft’s Azure Boards is a service that allows DevOps teams to track and manage the work required to scale and grow their software projects. By combining it with xMatters, you can activate incident response flows to bring together the right tools and people to manage incident resolution in your on-premise and cloud environments.

Microsoft Azure Boards + xMatters

This integration triggers a flow in xMatters when a work item event occurs in Azure Boards (for example, when a work item is created or updated). You can customize the flow to perform automated incident resolution tasks such as running remediation steps or sending actionable notifications to on-call resources, or perform actions in Azure to manipulate work items.


xMatters increases your team’s efficiency with Microsoft Azure Boards by

  • Triggering automatic flows when work items are created or updated
  • Notifying on-call resources automatically when specific work item events occur
  • Creating or updating work items based on incoming alerts, notification responses, or information gathered from other systems
  • Adding comments to a work item to track notification comments or audit automated actions

Build Your Toolchain

Enhance your incident response by adding more tools to your Microsoft Azure Boards workflow…