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Respond, Resolve, and Restore Faster with Integration-Driven Collaboration

Respond, Resolve, and Restore Faster with Integration-Driven Collaboration

Staying ahead of the competition is tough for everyone in your organization.

Your developers are working with shorter (and more frequent) release cycles. Ops teams find themselves supporting quicker product deployments. Then your developers are responsible for new incident management roles when things go bad.

Statistics don’t lie
In a 2017 Atlassian-xMatters survey of more than 1,000 technology workers: 

  • 25% deploy code to production weekly or more often 
  • 49% experience issues in production after releasing code to production 
  • 53% use manual processes to route notifications and alerts during major incidents 
  • 43% use manual processes to keep stakeholders informed during major incidents 

With teams using their own tools of choice, how do they work together in this crazy environment instead of coming apart?

Standard IT alerting tools do a fine job of telling you there’s a problem, but they don’t do much to help you resolve. In fact, by failing to share information among different teams, they actually drive a wedge between teams instead of bringing them closer together.

And mass notification? Don’t even get us started on spammy spray-and-pray approaches.

The speed and complexity of modern organizations require IT alerting tools with speed, precision, functionality, and flexibility.

The answer lies in something we like to call integration-driven collaboration.

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What is integration-driven collaboration?
The xMatters platform relays data between systems while engaging the right people so they can proactively resolve any issue. No matter what team they’re on or what tool they choose to use, the information they need is at their fingertips. 

And xMatters notifications do more than just notify. Your IT staff can drive collaboration and take action in other systems directly from the notifications:

  • Convert information from a monitoring alert into a support ticket 
  • Open a ChatOps room with the necessary team members 
  • Open a conference bridge with a single click and invite critical team members
  • Accept an issue and work on it themselves 
  • Escalate the issue to a more appropriate person who is on call at that moment 
  • Archive ChatOps information in the system or record for later use 
  • Share real-time status with customers and internal stakeholders during an incident 
  • And more! 

Accountability is king
xMatters lets your IT staff work how they want to by providing in-depth integrations. Service desk managers can drive collaboration directly from their ITSM systems. Developers can manage resolution processes without leaving their favorite tools.

When your IT teams resolve issues, they can relay that status to every system engaged in the business process, including with customers. They can also help keep themselves accountable to customers by archiving valuable ChatOps information right within their bug tracking or service desk systems.

With xMatters, collaborate across any tools, people, and teams to resolve any issue. Try it free and see for yourself!

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