IT Alerting that Connects Meaningful Data to the People Who Need It

Move beyond simple alerting. Connect your data to team members with relevant context so they can take action right from the notification.

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Chain Together Your Tools to Reduce Incident Response Times

Bring your tools together into a sophisticated toolchain so information can flow between systems. Connect data, systems, processes, people, and teams to enable data handoffs, system connections, multi-step processes, and collaboration among teams.

Case Study: Tesco

Drive Business Processes Forward with Integrated Incident Notifications

Even the most agile large enterprise can’t just rip out legacy systems. Connect modern and legacy IT systems to provide intelligent alerts and action-driven responses to drive complex business processes forward.

Datasheet: DevOps

Reduce the Noise from Your IT Service Management Systems

Analyzing information from every operational touch point results in an overwhelming amount of information. Deliver every notification with context and actionable responses to maximize the value you get from your IT solutions. Make your notifications intelligent by targeting the appropriate resolvers and sending relevant information.

Report: Forrester Total Economic Impact

Enable Collaboration with ChatOps and Conference Calls

Whether an incident is confined to a few people or spans several groups, collaboration is vital to resolving the issue fast. Push your incident team into a chat room to discuss recent changes and begin trouble-shooting, or gather multiple teams onto a conference bridge to ensure proper alignment.

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Establish a Single Source of Record Whether You Run a DevOps or ITIL Shop

Bring all of your communication workflows from chat, conference call, push notification, etc, back into your system of record for a complete view during post mortems. Whether your system of record is a service desk, an issue tracking system, or something else, missing information can lead to missed improvement opportunities.

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