Real time incident resolution

When important systems fail, you need to spring into action. But, how do you track down the team and find out who’s on call? How do you find their preferred device? How do you escalate if the lead is unavailable?

With xMatters IT Management, you can easily create and manage critical incident processes. You’ll manage on-call schedules and automate escalation procedures so when a system fails, the right people are on the job.

Reach your team, how they need to be reached

With BYOD and the sheer variety of communications methods out there, finding the right person is half the battle. That is why xMatters gives you the ability to reach people through SMS, push messaging, voice (live, recorded or text to speech), email, fax and pager. Advanced capabilities let you focus your communications by taking into account who’s on duty, which devices they prefer, and who’s in the affected geography. Target content to the device on the other end so that rich text does not go to SMS devices and vica versa. You can even set escalations if response timeframes aren’t met.

Conference instantly and stay in the loop

Setting up a conference call is tough even when there is not an incident. xMatters lets you pull your team together for a quick conference call with a single button click. Call out to your team or provide with instructions or a link via a message. Subscriptions allow your extended team as well as management opt into incident communications so that they can always be in the loop.

Get major incident awareness

The new xMatters Communications Center provides you with at-a-glance situational awareness for your IT issues. It's a real-time dashboard that lets you track your incidents and their inbound information flows. Get a centralized view of all alerts across service desk, infrastructure monitoring, end user performance, manual NOC pages, major incidents and more. Build and share views for specific types of situations (e.g. major incidents, SAP outage, data center outage) through drag and drop. Aggregate inbound communications from everyone with email and mobile apps. Get quick access to response reports, report cards, response logs and more.

And, of course, xMatters provides reporting. Standard reports include: quality of service, real-time tracking (who is responding), scenario report card (pass/fail for testing), and performance reporting (how fast do groups respond), device validation, and audit reporting (who changed what when).

Manage your response from anywhere

Who knows where you will be when an incident occurs. xMatters understands this and lets you manage incident responses from your mobile phone as well as from your web browser. Downloadable apps on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices let you kick off a process, track status and respond all from your mobile phone or tablet. xMatters lets you leverage rich push messaging to simplify the response process.

Create your incident processes without coding

Moving quickly isn’t only important in the middle of an incident. xMatters’ drag and drop process creator lets you create and manage your critical incident processes without any code. Simply type, record and drag-and-drop. Target groups and devices, write the messages, set escalations and do everything without having to spend your architect’s time. This means that you can configure your incident processes to meet your exact needs without overtaxing your resources or budget.

Connect to your systems

A communications platform is only as good as the systems with which it communicates. xMatters integrates with leading enterprise solutions including:

  • CA
  • BMC
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • ServiceNow
  • New Relic

And, if we don’t have your integration out of the box, creating it with our Rest APIs is a snap.