Connect Insights from Your IoT Sensors to the Right People

The wealth of information you derive from the Internet of Things (IoT) is only as valuable as the action you’re able to take on it. Connect insights with the right groups through actionable alerts so they can resolve issues and maintain processes.

Datasheet: IoT

Engage Stakeholders with the Status of Connected Devices

Engage the appropriate stakeholders based on insights you’re already receiving from any connected device. Whether a supplier needs to restock spoiled food or a machine in an assembly line fails to operate within standards, track down the right people to fix the problem and minimize impact.

Case Study: Intermountain Healthcare

Communicate Across Your Business Ecosystem

Connect your network of customers, partners, and employees. When devices are involved in business disruptions, tailor your messages for greatest impact. Inform customers of the known issue, and empower your subject matter experts to resolve the issue quickly with the right technical information.

Whitepaper: DevOps Toolchain

Collaborate Throughout Issues Detected by Your Interconnected Devices

Insights detected by your device sensors are just the beginning.  Connect the insights to multi-step business processes spanning any number of systems so that you can take the best action on them–every time.

Case Study: Kroger

Keep the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Humming

Streamline handoffs with vendors in your supply chain to enhance the productivity of your distributors. From the moment there is a kink in the process, engage the right people to execute the appropriate remedial actions.

Case Study: STIHL

Leverage Mobile Devices to Reduce Operational Downtime

Reduce your operational downtime and the resulting negative impact to your business. Collaborate around any business insight right within your mobile device. Receive or respond to issues from anywhere. Send pictures to help the investigation, gather subject matter experts on a conference bridge, or escalate issues for more help.

Case Study: Grundfos