Alerting your IT Teams is Just the Beginning

Resolve incidents faster while keeping stakeholders informed with xMatters' automated, flexible communication platform. Never waste time again looking up who’s on duty or toggling between apps. With xMatters IT alerting, it's all in one place.

Datasheet: IT Service Management

Share Situational Context Through Integrations

Leverage more than 200 pre-packaged integrations to link your workflows and business processes into your DevOps toolchain. Pull necessary data from any system within your chain directly into your messages to add relevant context.  

  • Connect: Quickly and easily create closed-loop integrations between xMatters and your originating systems from within the xMatters UI
  • Compound Integrations: Link multiple solutions and quickly engage resources as you drive your workflow forward
  • Build Your Own: Create your own closed-loop integrations to manage unique scenarios
Webinar: Dealertrack’s Toolchain
Share Situational Context Through Integrations
On-Call Scheduling That Works

On-Call Scheduling That Works

Consolidate groups, users, and contact information into a single source for scheduling and escalations. Make your teams more self-sufficient and accountable while decreasing MTTR to ensure you meet your SLAs.

  • Shifts: Define escalation processes in a simple-to-maintain timeline
  • Calendar: Quickly identify on-call gaps, understand who is currently on call, and see all escalation processes in one place
  • Temporary Replacement: Intuitively manage exceptions for vacations, holidays, and sick days
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Groups as Dynamic as Your Organization

Easily navigate existing groups, or craft unique groups at the time of sending based on extensible attributes. Store any skills, locations, or other attributes about people so you always find the right person right away.

  • Location: Define target areas when launching notifications so only impacted individuals are alerted
  • Custom Attributes: Target a specific set of users based on a number of criteria, including custom attributes, so you always find the right resource
Case Study: Stihl Incident Management
Groups as Dynamic as Your Organization
Customized View for Awareness in Every Situation

Customized View for Awareness in Every Situation

Create a holistic view of your enterprise by adding your service desk, application performance monitoring system, CRM solution, and more into a modular dashboard. The Communication Center is configurable by role or even situation, so you can zero in on what matters most to you. Effectively track communications while observing inbound and outbound messages in real time.

  • Aggregated Communications: Create one view across the service desk, infrastructure monitoring, major incidents, and more
  • Share Views: Ensure all constituents are on the same page to speed incident resolution
  • Customizable: Build as many customized views as you need to effectively manage your business
Datasheet: Communication Center

Collaborate Across Teams in Seconds

Collaboration is crucial for modern IT operations when resolving incidents or managing DevOps processes. Seamlessly bridge teams or stakeholders into one-touch conference bridges while eliminating long phone numbers, pass codes, and host keys so you can begin collaborating in seconds.

  • Respond with CommentsReceive live updates from the field to gather better situational awareness
  • ChatOps:  Connect your chat tool to assemble teams into channels, use slash commands to invite others, see who’s on-call, and gather everyone into a conference call



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Collaborate Across Teams in Seconds
Subscribe to Key Updates

Subscribe to Key Updates

Enable key business service owners and executives to opt into relevant communications of their choice. Send notifications to everyone that needs to know so your resolvers can focus on tackling issues vs. sending updates.

  • User Control: Manage a self-service user interface to support opt-in/opt-out subscription capabilities
  • Notification Delay: Set a delay so you’re notified of any incidents that are open for a set period of time, while not being notified of incidents that are resolved right away
  • Executive FYI: Automatically keep executives informed of any business-impacting events so resolvers can stay focused on the issue rather than keeping everyone aligned



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Manage Communications from Anywhere

True mobility goes beyond simply receiving alerts. The xMatters mobile app allows you to communicate from anywhere, take action, update tickets, keep stakeholders updated, instantly initiate one-touch conference calls, and know when you’re on-call, all from a single app.

  • My Schedule: See your schedule at a glance and know if you’re currently on call, for how long, and when you’re on call next
  • Conference Control: Initiate and manage conference bridges from your mobile device
  • Launch Messages: Send your pre-defined communications directly from your mobile device so you can leave your laptop behind
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Manage Communications from Anywhere

IT Management Pricing

Starter $16 per user/month
  • Communications:

    SMS, voice, mobile push, pager, email

  • Roles:


  • Integration Rate:

    6 Events/min

  • Manual Alerting:


  • Conference Call Alerting:


  • Support:

    8x5 - Online

  • SLA:


  • Messaging Plan:

    Package Details

  • Data Sync:


Base $39 per user/month
  • Everything in Starter


  • Additional Roles:


  • Higher Integration Rate:

    15 Events/min

  • Non-production Environment:


  • Upgraded Support:

    24x7 - Online & Phone

  • Higher SLA:


  • Multiple User Types:

    Full and Standard avail.

  • Multilingual Messaging:

    12 Languages

  • Bigger Messaging Plan:

    Package Details

Advanced $59 per user/month
  • Everything in Base


  • Highest Integration Rate:

    30 Events/min

  • Communication Center:


  • Messaging Design Tools:


  • Client Success Manager:


  • Highest SLA:


  • Biggest Messaging Plan:

    Package Details

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