Support Overview


February 16, 2021

This Support Policy (“Policy”) describes the support services that xMatters, inc. (“xMatters”) provides to customers who have paid all applicable subscription fees for the “Hosted Service”.  For purposes of this Policy, users of xMatters Free are invited to use the xMatters Community for support services; all other terms and conditions of this Policy apply to paid customers (“Customers”).  Customers of xMatters Starter are referred to as “Starter”, and Customers of xMatters Base, xMatters Advanced, xMatters BCM, and xMatters Employee Engage products are referred to as “Subscription” customers.

Support Level

Service Starter Subscription
xMatters Community Y Y
Website Ticket Submission Y Y
Telephone 8 hrs x 5 Days 24 hrs x 7 Days


Description of Services

Telephone Support: xMatters will provide Customers with telephone access support services. Calls may be answered by any xMatters call center during normal business hours defined as follows:

The Americas: 5AM (PT) to 5PM (PT);
Europe, Middle East and Africa: 9AM (GMT) to 6PM (GMT);
Asia Pacific (APAC): 9AM (AEST) to 6PM (AEST);
Excluding weekends and local holidays.

For all hours not covered above, Subscription customers will receive call-back assistance based on Severity as defined below.

Website Support: Customers may log support requests at

xMatters Community: xMatters hosts and maintains a knowledge portal called the xMatters Community. This site can be accessed by all registered users, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at The xMatters Community contains self-service, knowledge-based articles designed to assist Customers with the use and operations of xMatters’ products, as well community forums, product downloads and on-line documentation. Product announcements are sent through the xMatters Community notification mechanism.

Management of cases

Language support: All support services are delivered in English.

Opening a case: Authorized contacts of the Customer who require assistance may call or log the ticket via the xMatters Community portal. Unique cases will be opened for each identified issue or request. The following items are required with each case in order for xMatters to provide Customers with rapid and complete assistance:

Please have the following information available:

  • Company name
  • Contact full name
  • Telephone number
  • Email Address
  • Instance URL
  • Business impact (e.g., which instance(s) are affected? Dev, Test, Prod)
  • Articulate description of the problem / symptoms
  • Steps to reproduce the issue and / or details on where issue was observed
    • Including Event ID, date and time stamp of issue occurrence
  • Error messages and or screen shots (if applicable)

Depending upon the issue reported, xMatters may request additional items to further troubleshoot the request and provide a solution. Some items are time-sensitive due to system archiving schedules and 3rd party considerations (provider or aggregator). Additionally, screen-shots may be needed from a live event, for SMS (user phone #), local carrier information, etc.

Severity levels: When a case is opened, xMatters works with our Customer to assign the appropriate severity to the case based on the criteria below. As the case progresses, the xMatters Client Assistance team will inform you if the problem no longer fits the definition of the severity level originally assigned to the case and will adjust accordingly.

Severity Conditions
Severity 1 Critical business impact. A complete loss of Production service, work cannot reasonably continue. All severity 1 production issues must be submitted by telephone.
Severity 2 High business impact. Production service functions seriously affected, but can be worked around or function with reduced performance. Or, if during implementation, project is completely blocked.
Severity 3 Minimal business impact. Production or Non-Production services affected. System is still usable, problems can be worked around and system can be used with minimal inconvenience.
Severity 4  Low business impact. Production or Non-Production services affected with minimal impact. Also includes how-to questions, feature requests, and documentation requests.

Response Times: For all reported cases, xMatters’ uses commercially reasonable efforts to deliver our service within these response time goals:


Severity 1 Acknowledgement: 1 hour Response: 2 hours
Severity 2 Acknowledgement: 4 business hours Response: 1 business day
Severity 3 or 4 Acknowledgement: 1 business day Response: 2 business days


Severity 1 Acknowledgement: 2 business hours Response: 4 business hours
Severity 2 Acknowledgement: 6 business hours Response: 1 business day
Severity 3 or 4 Acknowledgement: 2 business days Response: 3 business days


“Acknowledgment” is the amount of time from submitting the case to xMatters and the time that the Customer is given an identifying case number. “Response” is the elapsed time until an xMatters support engineer is assigned and actively working on the case.

Case escalation: In the case of Severity 1 issues, regular status updates will be provided and the case will be escalated to an on-duty manager and the xMatters customer success or sales representative. Customer resources may be required to continue work within our service levels. If these resources are unavailable, xMatters may lower the ticket severity until Customer resources become available.

Closure of support cases: Open cases will be considered to be resolved and will be closed when:

  • Severity 1 – the Customer receives a workaround or information that resolves the issue and the Customer agrees that the issue has been resolved.
  • Severity 2, 3 or 4 – one of the following conditions occurs:
    • the Customer receives a workaround or information that resolves the issue and agrees that the issue is resolved, or
    • the Case results in a defect being entered and the Customer has received a defect number for future reference, or
    • the Customer has not responded to xMatters for 10 business days. The case can be reopened if the issue has not been resolved.

Product defects: If the Customer encounters behavior that is contrary to the documented behavior of the product, a defect number will be generated and the case will be escalated to development. In general, the Severity Level is used to determine the Defect Priority; in some cases xMatters may re-assign a Priority Level (higher or lower) after conversation with the Customer. We strive to provide our Customers with an excellent experience and rapidly correct Defects; at a minimum we ensure the following service levels:

Priority Temporary Workaround Permanent Correction
One Commercially reasonable effort until fixed or a suitable workaround provided or Customer lowers. Within 30 business days.
Two Commercially reasonable business hours effort or until Customer agrees to lower severity level. Within 60 business days.
Three In next feasible product release, Customer will be notified when a fix becomes available. In next feasible quarterly product release.
Four Feature requests are reviewed by the xMatters product manager before each release. All features are considered, but may or may not be included in a future release.


Permanent correction time goals are from the date xMatters reproduces the test case provided by the Customer and validates the defect.

General Provisions
Our support services consist of updates, product support and/or other support services including community access.

Limitation on supported releases: xMatters will provide the support services described under this Policy solely for the current release. For more information on the product support lifecycle please refer to the xMatters support matrix at

Supported configurations: Customer-hosted-components must be on a supported configuration including operating system levels, custom developed scripts, firmware levels, databases, devices, device drivers and application, as listed in the xMatters product documentation.

Limitation on remote consulting: xMatters cannot provide extended consulting services through Customer Support. xMatters does have a consulting organization to assist Customers in project planning, installation, upgrades, integration, customized scripts, and programming. xMatters reserves the right to advise Customers to use the consulting organization for additional assistance in resolving issues that fall outside the scope of this Policy.

Renewals: Typically, an xMatters Sales Representative will contact the Customer approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date of their current Hosted Service subscription. Please contact xMatters at with any questions. xMatters is not obligated to renew your contract if a lapse of service has occurred.