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xMatters remains a G2 Grid® Report Leader

xMatters remains a G2 Grid® Report Leader Blog
Kerin Munro ON Sep 15, 2021

Worldwide businesses and their technical resources use G2, the leading business solution review platform, to analyze software, gather user feedback, and make informed decisions about technology.

Although we value all the recognition we’ve earned on G2 over the years, there’s one that always stands out and makes us feel extra proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Yes, you’ve guessed it—we’re thrilled to have been named a Leader in Incident Management for the 11th consecutive quarter!

Leader, Grid® Report for Incident Management Badge

Last month our latest release, Missile Command, went live. With the addition of a new Service Catalog and a number of usability enhancements, our team of xPerts is constantly thinking of ways to deliver the best service reliability platform that our customers rely on.

Why xMatters is Ranked a Leader in Incident Management

The Fall 2021 G2 Grid® Report for Incident Management was recently published and we want to share just a few of the highlights with you.

  • 96 percent of users rated xMatters 4 or 5 stars
  • 91 percent of users believe it (the xMatters platform) is headed in the right direction
  • 89 percent of users said they would likely recommend xMatters to others
  • xMatters has the second-largest enterprise customer base in Incident Management

Besides being recognized as a Leader in Incident Management, xMatters gained six more badges in G2’s Fall 2021 Reports, including the following:

G2 Fall 2021 Badges

  • Leader, Grid® Report for IT Alerting
  • Leader, Enterprise Grid® Report for Incident Management
  • Leader, Asia Pacific Regional Grid® Report for Incident Management
  • Best Usability, Enterprise Usability Index for Incident Management
  • Best Relationship, Relationship Index for IT Alerting
  • Best Relationship, Enterprise Relationship Index for Incident Management

What Our Customers Say About xMatters

Customer reviews can make or break your business. For xMatters, our customers have got plenty of good things to say. Take a look!

“The ability to custom code modules provides unparalleled flexibility. The only competition is software built in-house, which costs more and may have more issues.” 

—  Jordan J, DevOps Engineer

“Non-intrusive notifications, detailed log for tracking, easy to use and configure, managing users and license is a breeze.”

—  Aravind S, Lead Incident Management

“The ease of the user interface, seamless changes to workflows, and the canvas! The way I can produce a form or workflow simply with limited knowledge of the tool has really helped my organization.” 

—  Nick P, Incident Manager

xMatters overall G2 rating is now 4.4 out of 5 stars. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you, our customers, so thank you—you motivate us to do our best every day.  

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