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Display a Mobile Contact’s Local Time

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of the iOS mobile app, head over to the App Store now to take advantage of this handy new feature.

The contact details screen for users now displays their current local time. This is useful when it’s the middle of the night for people you’re trying to contact… and they may not respond quickly because of that!

For example, if an IT person assigned to a ticket to deal with an SAP system attempted to contact Ingrid Schmidt, he would now notice that it’s 1:14 a.m. in Ingrid’s local time and she’s likely asleep.


Display a mobile contact's local time.

Display a mobile contact’s local time.


Just in case that wasn’t enough goodness for you, the latest version of the iOS app also includes the following additional enhancements:

Dynamic conference bridge numbers

Dynamic conference bridge numbers

Dynamic conference bridge numbers
Some external conference providers supply customers with a permanent dial-in number that they can use to initiate a conference call and then allow users to generate their own bridge numbers to use. It’s now possible to dynamically enter a bridge number for an external conference bridge when you send a conference bridge invitation from the mobile app. If this functionality looks familiar, it did exist previously in the web user interface. It’s only this year that we’ve brought this functionality to the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Update Mobile Contact's Local Time

Update a mobile contact’s local time

Usability improvements for selecting recipient devices
We’ve done some magic behind the scenes to make it less finicky to add a user’s devices as a recipient. Specifically, we’ve enlarged the ‘touch zone’ when tapping the ellipses (“…”) next to a contact’s name.

There’s lots more that’s new or about to arrive. For more information, please visit our latest development highlights.

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