Trigger Time Sensitive,
Targeted Communications

Resolve IT incidents and business interruptions faster with intelligent communications.


Reduce Downtime With Targeted IT Notifications

xMatters reduces incident response time by finding the right person to solve the problem when systems outages require you to manage on-call schedules and escalations.

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Business Resilience at Your Fingertips

Severe weather. Power outages. Product recalls. Civil unrest. When you need to send emergency notifications to your employees, and simultaneously set your business continuity team in motion, xMatters gets the job done.

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Deploy Resources More Effectively to Improve Business Processes

Dynamic staffing. Schedule changes. Product recall. When a distributed employee base requires targeted communication, xMatters finds the right employee based on role, skill, and location.

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Proactively Communicate With Your Customers

Interact with customers and give them the power of self-service. Taking a proactive approach keeps you in control, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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