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There’s a workflow to automate anything

Automated workflows produce faster, better, more consistent outcomes. Check out these real-life workflows our customers have implemented.

Why workflows?

When faced with time-critical decisions, would you rather blindly firefight or work from a proven playbook?

Prebuilt workflows are automated playbooks that orchestrate actions, people, and tools, removing the risk of poor decisions and sloppy execution. They systematically guide your team to achieve consistent optimal results, while providing additional options when the unexpected happens.

Work Flow Automation | xMatters

Workflows from the real world

Discover how our customers build workflows that keep their businesses running. Use these examples as inspiration to build your own.

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Build visual workflows with no code

Flow Designer’s drag-and-drop interface will revolutionize the way you integrate, orchestrate and automate toolchains.

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Build Visual Workflows with No Code

Integrate anything, anywhere with ease

Add any tool into a workflow with the xMatters integration platform and start automating your business processes.

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