Enrich a Support Ticket with Critical Information

Add data so the incident commander can start working a support ticket right way.

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Enrich a Support Ticket with Critical Information


The incident commander needs critical information to start working an incident. When every second counts, this workflow can enrich a support ticket and save time.

Enrich a Support Ticket with Critical Information

Inbound Workflow Steps

  • 1


    A customer support tool like Zendesk sends an inbound HTTP call

  • 2


    Retrieve runbook information from a repository like Confluence and add it to the ticket

  • 3


    Generate an event to notify people

Response Workflow Steps

  • 4

    Option 1, Assign

    Acknowledge the incident, which will assign the ticket

  • 5

    Option 2, Trigger

    Trigger a major incident, which will create a messaging channel, post details in the channel, and create a ticket for the engineering teams

  • 6

    Option 3, Notify Stakeholders

    Generate stakeholder notifications from comments entered in the xMatters notification


See How to Build This Flow

Use this workflow map to guide you in building a workflow to enrich support tickets.

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