Automate Remediation of a Blue-Green Deployment

Prevent a process crash from taking down services across your organization.

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xMatters integrates with monitoring and Manager of Managers (MoM) tools that can correlate data from multiple sources to find the root cause. This workflow connects your chat app with ticketing systems and other tools so you can restore service quickly and keep customers informed.

Automate Remediation of a Blue-Green Deployment workflow

Workflow Steps

  • 1


    A monitoring tool like Keptn or New Relic detects problem

  • 2

    Start an Event

    The workflow triggers an event in xMatters

  • 3


    An event notifies the right person to help with the incident

  • 4


    The xMatters notification includes a response option to roll back deployment, which triggers a rollback and creates a Jira issue and a chat channel

  • 5


    The workflow posts details in the chat channel, like Slack or Teams, and adds details to the Jira ticket

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Use this workflow map to guide you in rolling back a deployment to a stable version.

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