Assign a Customer Service Ticket

Quickly let people know they’ve been assigned a ticket.

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Automatically including critical information helps the resolver get up and running on the service ticket immediately. Including comments enables the agent to gain additional nuance and provide a more personalized experienced for the customer.

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Workflow Steps

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    Monitoring tools discover an issue and bring it to the attention of a person, who sees enough pertinent information to assign it to the right person based on skill set or on-call status.

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    Assigning the service ticket alerts the right person on their preferred device and sends a notification with information that’s critical for understanding the issue.

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    With tools like Slack and MS Teams, your teams can easily exchange information to understand what’s happening and take action in other important systems.

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    Once everyone involved understands the problem, they can fix it.

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    Use information from past incidents to build new workflows and improve processes.

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Use this workflow map to guide you in building your own Service Ticket Workflow.

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