Customized Emergency Communications Bringing Control to Chaos

During disasters, the stakes are too high to trust one-size-fits-all mass notifications. Model communications based on your business processes, locations, and people who are at risk along with those who have to take action.

Datasheet: BCM

Get Your Business Back up and Running with Crisis Communications

Dynamically pull information about your groups, contact teams, and employee skill sets so you don’t have to stop and refresh data during a crisis or business disruption. Collaborate instantly and from anywhere when every moment counts. Use mass notifications to gather groups where they can be safe and productive.

Case Study: TCF Bank

Focus Your Mass Communications to Keep Employees Safe

Lead employees to safety during emergencies such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Ask your employees if they’re safe, automate follow-up communications based on responses, and engage the necessary resources to reach the employees that need help.

Case Study: Walgreens

Deliver Your Business Continuity Plans On the Go

Initiate your Business Continuity Plans instantly from anywhere. Enable your employees to provide additional value by sharing real-time input and photographs from the field through the convenience of their mobile devices.

White Paper: Combining Business Continuity and IT

Get Situational Awareness for Better Communication During Disaster Recovery

Aggregate information sources into a unified view. Share views across your teams so affected groups and responsible parties can manage disaster recovery plans and see incidents as they unfold.

Case Study: R.W. Baird

Global Resiliency Equals Business Resiliency

Get peace of mind knowing your communication tools have no single point of failure. When you’re down, you need a solution that delivers world-class reliability. Sleep easy knowing you can communicate with your employees and teams when it matters most.

Case Study: CityPoint