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xMatters-Dynatrace Helps Prevent Outages

In this video, Dynatrace Solutions Engineer Brian Chandler explains what the xMatters-Dynatrace integration is, how to set it up, and how it works. The Dynatrace AI-powered monitoring solution can help prevent incidents from hitting production, and can help with quicker and more effective responses when an incident does occur.

To use the xMatters-Dynatrace integration, you just have to go to the Dynatrace user interface, navigate to integrations, and set up xMatters notifications. Drop in your xMatters URL, a little information, and it’s really turnkey. All the automated root cause analysis you get from Dynatrace will shift right over to xMatters automatically.

The integration with Dynatrace and xMatters not only stops problems from occurring in the first place because you catch them in dev, but it reduces and enriches the types of notifications you get in production.

If there were three things that you would want to know from using xMatters and Dynatrace together, you’d want to know the number of problems that reach production in the first place, how to enrich the problems that happen in production, and how your teams can find and resolve issues.

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