ScienceLogic Integration

xMatters adds an automated, multi-channel communication plan to the ScienceLogic IT monitoring platform for the network of everything.

Designed for xMatters OnDemand, this integration is another example of how taking advantage of our relevance engine design tools and REST API can enable you to build communication applications around any business interruption.

ScienceLogic will send over all the properties about each event that allow xMatters users to construct their message content and route the alerts to the correct response teams.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce MTTRespond and MTTResolve by automating the communication plan to engage on-call members of resolver teams.
  • Reduce the risk of time unnoticed failures causing downtime.
  • Self-service and managed subscriptions allow business stakeholders to remain informed when events occur.
  • xMatters design tools allow specific message content to be tailored to different device types.

Screenshots & Videos