Google Operations Suite Integration

Google Cloud’s operations suite, formerly known as Stackdriver, is designed to monitor, troubleshoot, and improve cloud infrastructure, software, and application performance.

Google Operations Suite + xMatters

Combined with xMatters, teams can use Google’s operations suite to monitor their on-premise or cloud-based systems for critical events that impact systems, letting them turn that data into actionable notifications for on-call responders to resolve service degradations


xMatters increases your team’s efficiency with Google Cloud's operations suite by:

  • Turning incidents from the operations suite into actionable, context-rich notifications for on-call responders
  • Reducing the noise and relaying only the most critical information to optimize on-call response for impacted digital services
  • Triggering flows to automate tasks like initiating incidents, starting ChatOps channels, and running automated repair tasks

Build Your Toolchain

Enhance your incident response by adding Google Cloud's operations suite into a flow with…