Google Cloud Run Integration

Google Cloud Run is a fully managed, serverless platform that enables you to run stateless containers which you can invoke via HTTP requests. It abstracts away all infrastructure management by automatically scaling up from zero and down again almost instantaneously depending on traffic.

Google Cloud Run + xMatters

Combined with xMatters, Google Cloud Run helps teams manage and resolve incidents through managing traffic and running rollback commands on containerized applications


xMatters increases your team’s efficiency with Google Cloud Run by:

  • Automating rollbacks of revisions when there are issues on containerized applications.
  • Automating manual tasks in your continuous delivery process, like gradually moving traffic to new revisions.
  • Helping teams adapt their container deployment process based on data aggregated by xMatters, enabling more efficient scaling and incident management.

Build Your Toolchain

Enhance your incident response by adding Google Cloud Run into a flow with…