Dynatrace Monitoring Integration

AI-powered full-stack event management with automated root cause analysis for intelligent, contextual alerts that proactively fix issues before they impact your business.

Start resolving issues automatically – the moment they’re detected

  • Root Cause Analysis: Dynatrace AI automatically identifies root cause and triggers an xMatters notification from creation of the problem ticket
  • Understand Your Ecosystem: Intelligently monitor all environments (from SaaS and server to hybrid) and continuously detect interdependencies, ensuring xMatters notifications include key contextual information
  • Alert Consolidation: Correlate related Dynatrace alerts with the root cause and push data into xMatters to automate context-rich service desk tickets and smart notifications
  • Automate Remediation: When Dynatrace detects an issue, xMatters kicks off automated remediation processes and updates issue status in Dynatrace

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