Datadog Cloud Monitoring Integration

Datadog is a cloud monitoring solution that brings metrics from all of your apps, tools, and services into one place. xMatters uses Datadog’s monitoring insights and metrics to pinpoint and alert resolver teams about any service degradations that occur.

Datadog + xMatter

This integration lets you send actionable alerts to on-call resources when xMatters gets a signal from Datadog Monitor. Responders can initiate an incident with the press of a button, or you can build on the flow to perform automated resolution tasks.


xMatters increases your teams’ efficiency and digital service uptime by:

  • Turning event data from systems into targeted alerts to proactively prevent incidents
  • Reducing event noise and only relaying the most critical information to on-call resolvers
  • Automating workflows to increase incidence response efficiency
  • Allowing resolvers to mute and claim Datadog alerts directly from xMatters notifications
  • Automatically synchronizing information (for example, on call schedules) with Datadog

Build Your Toolchain

Enhance your incident response by integrating Datadog into a workflow with: