AWS CloudWatch Integration

CloudWatch is an AWS monitoring and observability tool that collects monitoring and operational data. xMatters uses CloudWatch digital monitoring tools to provide on-call teams with actionable notifications and prevent system issues from becoming service incidents.

AWS CloudWatch + xMatters

When a CloudWatch Alarm condition is met, an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) message is published and picked up by the SNS subscription. The subscription is tied to a Topic, which generates a webhook to xMatters.


xMatters increases your teams’ efficiency and digital service uptime by:

  • Turning event data from on-premise and cloud-based systems into targeted alerts to reduce MTTR
  • Suppressing redundant alerts and only relaying critical data to resolution teams
  • Sending notifications with action responses that allow on-call resolvers to respond from anywhere
  • Triggering workflows and eliminating manual tasks so teams can streamline their resources and focus

Build Your Toolchain

Enhance your incident response even further by integrating AWS CloudWatch into a workflow with…