Cherwell Integration

Cherwell Service Management is a comprehensive service desk verified for 11 ITIL processes. By combining it with xMatters, you can accelerate the notification of key personnel for major incidents to help reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) for the issues that could impact your business the most.

Cherwell ITSM + xMatters

This integration gathers Severity 1 and Severity 2 incident details from Cherwell and forwards them to xMatters, which then sends actionable notifications to the correct responders.


xMatters increases your team’s efficiency with Cherwell ITSM by:

  • Aligning the correct resources to resolve major incidents through actionable notifications 
  • Automating manual processes for on-call responders to decrease MTTR for major incidents 
  • Notifying on-call resources when a ticket is opened or closed
  • Providing a full audit trail of device deliveries, comments, and responses in the Cherwell incident's journal

Build Your Toolchain

Here are some other ways to combine xMatters and Cherwell to enhance your incident response: