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O2 Modernizes Major Incident Management

O2 excels in its market because of its innovative technology. The company wanted to use this innovation internally by reducing its critical steps to initiate major incident communications and engage stakeholders. After taking the helm of the major incident management group, George Guthrie wanted to up level IT communications so the internal staff could be as well connected as O2’s customers. He chose xMatters. xMatters’ ability to target the right people has proved invaluable in an organization with so many different teams. xMatters configurable templates simplified O2 incident managers’ jobs and has transformed the way O2 manages incidents.

With xMatters, O2 modernizes major incident management by achieving:

  • 88% reduction in time to send communications
  • 85% reduction in time to engage stakeholders

“If our systems fail, xMatters dramatically improves our ability to send targeted messages,” says George Guthrie, Major Incident Lead at O2.

O2 is the commercial brand of Telefonica UK, a leading digital communications company that has over 32 million connections to its network. A a subsidiary of Madrid-based Telefónica and a major player in the decades-long trend toward increasing digitization, O2 occupies an important role in British personal, public, and business life, with Britons making more than 120 million calls every day on the O2 network.