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xMatters Corporate Brochure

Enterprises are focused on two distinct areas of importance: consistently developing products that customers love, and creating a fully available and disruption-free experience.

The challenge. The faster and more innovative development teams are, the greater the likelihood they’ll face customer-impacting issues. When your business is on the line, emails, 2am page-outs, and inaccurate (or manual!) on-call schedules create critical downtime risk that destroys the customer experience.

Service reliability underpins every modern business. Without reliable services, organizations cannot build the trust required to keep their customers loyal or free up time to focus on product innovation and differentiation. Modern tech teams must detect, prevent, and resolve issues quickly—before they become business problems.

xMatters is a service reliability platform that helps DevOps, SREs and operations teams address critical points in the incident management lifecycle to ensure infrastructure and applications are always working.