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Integrate Your Tools with xMatters

xMatters helps you prevent issues from becoming major incidents by sharing information and communications between teams and across systems. When you integrate your tools into a toolchain, including any monitoring, issue tracking, and configuration management solutions, xMatters helps you optimize communication processes and resolve incidents faster.

xMatters connects your existing tools, creating powerful toolchains that resolve incidents faster. Let’s follow a critical event through the incident lifecycle, and see how xMatters leverages integrations to resolve the issue quickly and collaboratively.

So your technology stack includes dozens of different tools, from APM and log management to configuration and issue tracking. Don’t worry. xMatters has you covered, no matter which tools your team uses.

When critical events occur in any of your tools, an integration with xMatters triggers a targeted notification to your on-call resource, including the context needed to identify and address the problem. The on-call resource receives the notification on their xMatters mobile app, and with one tap creates a ticket in their issue tracking system, including all details of the problem.

After reviewing the problem, additional help is needed. So the on-call personnel uses the Engage with xMatters feature built directly in the service desk tool to create a targeted chat room and start collaborating with additional resources from another team.

The additional team’s on-call resource receives the engage notification and joins the chat room to start assisting with the issue. Once the issue has been resolved, they use xMatters to close the service ticket.

This action automatically records the chat room transcript in the ticket, and updates the status as Resolved, closing the incident. When team members are empowered to take action across their toolchain directly from notifications, they’re able to move through the incident lifecycle quickly and effectively, focusing on resolution activities and minimizing downtime.

Identify and resolve incidents faster with xMatters.

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