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Credigy Talks About IT Event Management

Credigy Solutions, a global specialty finance company, can receive more than 1,000 alerts from a single event. With the xMatters IT Event Management interface, IT Support Manager Shamar Hundley says Credigy can filter out the noise and focus on the job at hand.

“We might get a thousand alerts about the same issue,” Hundley says. “With Flood Control, I think it’s going to give us the ability to reduce that number of notifications that we’re getting through xMatters. So that way we’ll get the first initial alert, but we won’t keep getting those redundant alerts about the same situation, and we can go ahead and solve it, and stop that alerting without having to have a thousand.”

The xMatters IT event management interface provides end-to-end visibility of incidents across the IT environment. By suppressing similar requests in close succession from noisy systems, xMatters reduces information overload in real-time so teams can focus on what needs fixing.

Authorized users now have the flexibility to enable or disable default event flood control rules for each individual app integration through the IT event management interface. In addition, users can define parameters on an integration-by-integration basis, creating customized rules that filter out excess noise and prevents unwelcome interruptions.

Watch the full video for more details.

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