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Credigy Improves After Hours Support

In this video, Shamar Hundley, IT Support Manager with Credigy Solutions, discusses how xMatters helps their teams respond quickly to incidents, improve after-hours support, and provide greater accountability to the business.

IT technicians at Credigy are often on the go, and xMatters gives Credigy the ability to respond quickly, even during after hours support. The support also gives Credigy staff the ability to let stakeholders know that they are aware, which is a critical part of communication. The xMatters platform has driven accountability on both the user side and the technician side during after hours support.

Credigy Solutions Inc. offers specialty finance solutions, focusing on acquisition and financing of consumer receivables. It also manages consumer assets across multiple asset classes. Founded in 2001, Atlanta-based Credigy operates as a subsidiary of National Bank Of Canada Financial Group Inc.

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