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Webinar: Automation and AI — a strategy to minimize unplanned work

With the cost of unplanned work and IT disruptions close to $12,900/min and 73% of strategic objectives impacted, organizations are searching to streamline operations.

Organizations are finding themselves face-to-face with more unplanned work than they have in the past. And, since the cost of disruption is closing in on $12,900/min and 73% of strategic objectives are being impacted, the search to minimize these disruptions is ever-increasing.

A recent study from leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has explored and revealed the facts on how automation and AI can be utilized to reduce the impact of unplanned work. Digital Operations enables enterprises to streamline their digital transformation while ensuring efficient real-time collaboration between IT service and IT operations.

Join us as we bring together industry experts

Valerie O’Connell, EMA Research Director

Bill Reese, Everbridge Product Marketing Director

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